About Me and Why Steal this Poem

I do not want to advocate stealing my poetry for real haha!

Although my Poems are about everything. I wanted to honor one of my hero’s, naming my blog as Steal this Poem! In reference to my hero the late great Abbot Howard Hoffman who was an American political and social activist, anarchist, and revolutionary who co-founded the Youth International Party. Better known as Abbie Hoffman.
He wrote a book called ‘Steal this Book’, there was a film made about his life called ‘Steal this Movie’.
So again I say ” I do not want to advocate stealing my poetry for real, how about just READ it!”

Working toward Creative Writing Associates @ College of Southern Nevada
I like to read, watch tv / streaming movies / I watch a lot and may do reviews blog.
I am a Dreamer, writer, activist in many causes.
I write, when I can, which is why I made a Blog.

I Am a Child of the 60s/70s.. and lived a wild 80s life.
I Grew up in Hollywierd! Los Angeles.
Then Life slowed down so it does with age.
Interests: Television, Reading, Writing and Gaming,
Favorite Movies: Dangerous Beauty, my all time favorite ever.
Favorite Tv : Dexter, Breaking Bad, Revolution, Downton Abbey, Peaky Blinders, Vikings,
Favorite Music: Rock/Alternative/Gothic
Favorite Books: Dean Koontz – Odd Thomas Series, Anne Rice novels, Stephen King, Betsy Piroleau – Seductress, and the Writer David McGowan