In case you did not click the about me. I’ll just sticky this. 

The title of my blog is in reference to tribute to a hero of mine Abbie Hoffman and his work. He had a book called Steal this Book and a film came out about him called Steal this Movie. I just thought Steal this Poem might have a ring to it. Thus.. the name.

HOWEVER I do not advocate for anyone to actually steal any of my poetry for their own. It is just a play on words and a tribute to Abbie. 

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by Dee Wes



I’ve been a gamer since nineteen ninety seven.
Gaming brought some life and a little bit of heaven.
There I was killing monsters in a dungeon
Whacking away, slashing or sometimes a bludgeon.

Gratification of the mental kind
A little bit crazy but a peace of mind.
Killing some bandits and then some rats
And for a reward a red wizard’s hat.

The hat’s stats improved, my little Toon
She looked real good under the harvest moon.
Chopping some wood, and mining some ore.
Crafting my armor, ready for war.

Shouting out loud to find a group
Now I was marching with a troop.
Rolling on loot and gaining some gold
The item I got, – epic I’m told.

There’s nothing like fantasy to make you believe,
That a make believe worlds a place that you can achieve.
What do you get from spending your hours
Bettering your Toon gaining more powers.

Keeping it real sometimes you sleep
But not before you do – your housing upkeep.
There’s always tomorrow and one dungeon more
The dragon is waiting, are you strong as Thor?

Gloom of the Gray

by Dee Wes


It wasn’t long ago that life seemed so long.
We ran around feeling happy and strong.
Little did we know that life move’s so fast
Did we take time to smell rose’s of our past?

Those moments of happiness throughout our life,
Shared with family, and friends seemed rather rife.
We looked in a mirror and as time went by,
Fine lines appeared and we started to lie.

When one little hair of gray had poked through,
Plucking it out only brought back two.
We blinked our eyes and opened them again
The gloom seemed to creep up more, now and then.

Gloom that came from the hairs that were gray
The gloomy thought, that death could come, and steal away.
Walking a more careful, and soon came the cane.
Then aches and pains, and then fuzzy brain.

One moment we’re so happy singing a song,
But we never remembered that life isn’t long.
A few years down and one sunny day,
As the changing of time, brings the gloom of the gray.



by Dee Wes


It’s morning again and I reach for my phone
Being on Facebook we’re never alone.
Politics gone crazy somethings amiss.
My friends had her baby, I’ll emote her a kiss.

Another Birthday, another new Meme
The Golden Knights won! My best Hockey team!
Ricky Gervais gone live with his cat.
Now there’s a Ding a friend wants to chat.

A new movie trailer, an article about food
A photo of someone that is extremely rude.
Further down another death
Hope I don’t know anyone who’s breathed their last breath.

Beautiful photos of the weather in France.
My friends little girl is learning to dance.
Another sponsored ad every five posts.
Someones making money, not me but our host.

Someone’s learned to paint with Bob Ross.
But the painting it seems needs a little more gloss.
Click: Like, Heart, Laugh, Angry or Cry
Some posts that go by I just wonder why.

Scrolling and scrolling my eyes start to twitch
Thanks Facebook! I feel my life is enriched.
Put the phone down, get up and get dressed
Your addicted to Facebook lets all just confess.

Mother Earth

by Dee Wes

image2Kneel down and kiss her face,
The earth, she is, your beautiful place.
Pick up the trash, one by one,
If you do not her life is done.

Big industry, polluting the streams
Fishing and swimming, maybe a dream.
The years they pass, as she wept
She flooded the lands, with tears full of depth.

Bring on the protesters, to stand for what’s right.
Someone to protect her, to show us the light.
The trees all burning, on so many hills.
The icebergs, melting, gives you the chills.

Look up to the sky at all of the stars,
Nothing better than the earth that is ours.
When will humans, make a start,
To nurture and caress her, revive her sick heart?



by Dee Wes

School kids running in elementary school hallway, back view

Watching the time, hearing the bell
The kids all shuffle, through their day of hell.
Lockers are slammed, chatter is loud,
Hurry lets go, get out of the crowd.

My mind stays calm, I arrive n’ take a seat.
The teacher reminds us never to cheat.
Waiting for her, to tell us just when
To get out our books and turn to page ten.

I wish the questions, were just a bit fewer.
I grab my paper and use the ruler.
Pencil in hand, the lines are now made.
Numbers will fill on the line of the grade.

Quickly I finish, set the pencil down.
Now we are discussing, the common noun.
The clock slowly moves, its hands around
The bell finally rings, I am now home bound!


by Dee Wes


The time of Christmas comes to fast
We shop around, spend all our cash
Where is the perfect tree in the lots
Or is the fake tree connecting the dots

Decorations on shop windows and walls
Bounty of Santa’s in all of the malls
Candycanes glisten on the large Christmas tree
And a nativity with angels on bended knees

Let’s hurry and make our holiday plans
Hang up the lights several strands
Checking the lists for family and friends
Have I got everyone the odds and ends?

Cookies are baked along with the pies
Christmas crackers pops, you get a surprise
A joke and a toy, a hat inside
And don’t forget a winter sleigh ride

The spirit of Christmas felt far and near
Lets not forget Santa’s reindeer
Rudolf with his nose so bright
Santa’s delivery will make it alright

The excitement and laughter filling our ears
Exchanging of gifts, the joyful tears
The hustle and bustle and holiday cheer
Lets get this over until next year

Meaning of Life

by Dee Wes


What is the meaning of life we say?
Traveling a road that takes us away.

We trip and we fall we get up and stand tall.
We laugh and we cry we love and we lie.

When we are young, life seems long
but as we age up its all a new song.

Our days pass before us and years seem so short.
Soon thereafter we look for support.

We sit in our chairs, we watch the kids grown.
The grandkids now touching in words on a phone.

Contemplation of what it all meant, where did time go?
And time went so fast and we still do not know.

Maybe we are meant never to understand,
That life is just living and that is the plan.

Making Movies

by Dee Wes



Quiet on the set, clapper board shuts.
If it doesn’t work, the director yells cut.
Start it again, but slower this time.
The actor speaks, and is in their prime.

Turn up the lights, the night shoot begins.
The cast is now, on needles and pins.
As the stunts are set up, ready for action.
They can not miss, not even a fraction.

The Director calls out ‘that is a wrap!’
Applause from the crew, a hug and a slap.
Shootings all done, film’s in the can.
Now it’s in post, we wait and they plan.

Next is the edit, the music and sound.
Block out the noise, mistakes are found.
From the edit, comes the shiny first reel.
It heads to the screening room, a mega hit feel.

The audience awaits, the faces all gleam.
The end of hard work, appears on the screen.
The laughs and the shivers, the Oo’s and the Aah’s.
The movies success. is heard in Hurrahs!


Rock Star Bliss

by Dee Wes


Put on your bracelets one by one
Curl your lashes get them done
Be sure your hair has its height
Be sure your makeup’s on just right

You’re standing there at the bar
Your look, it says that you’re the star
Your eyes will smolder beneath the band
You shimmy and shake and raise your hands

Your twirl will bring you in just the right light
He sees you, he wants you, your soul and sunlight
You look up to the man behind the guitar
You make sure that he sees, just who you are

That smile, it brings him to his knees
An assurance you have you’ll be his main squeeze
All from your eyes, all for his heart
Don’t need an instrument for this kind of art

Like Lillith, projecting the perfect pose
You meet, he hands you an exquisite red rose
Your hand finds his his hands, you embrace and you kiss
The night has turned into your perfect rock bliss.