by Dee Wes


It’s morning again and I reach for my phone
Being on Facebook we’re never alone.
Politics gone crazy somethings amiss.
My friends had her baby, I’ll emote her a kiss.

Another Birthday, another new Meme
The Golden Knights won! My best Hockey team!
Ricky Gervais gone live with his cat.
Now there’s a Ding a friend wants to chat.

A new movie trailer, an article about food
A photo of someone that is extremely rude.
Further down another death
Hope I don’t know anyone who’s breathed their last breath.

Beautiful photos of the weather in France.
My friends little girl is learning to dance.
Another sponsored ad every five posts.
Someones making money, not me but our host.

Someone’s learned to paint with Bob Ross.
But the painting it seems needs a little more gloss.
Click: Like, Heart, Laugh, Angry or Cry
Some posts that go by I just wonder why.

Scrolling and scrolling my eyes start to twitch
Thanks Facebook! I feel my life is enriched.
Put the phone down, get up and get dressed
Your addicted to Facebook lets all just confess.

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