Gloom of the Gray

by Dee Wes


It wasn’t long ago that life seemed so long.
We ran around feeling happy and strong.
Little did we know that life move’s so fast
Did we take time to smell rose’s of our past?

Those moments of happiness throughout our life,
Shared with family, and friends seemed rather rife.
We looked in a mirror and as time went by,
Fine lines appeared and we started to lie.

When one little hair of gray had poked through,
Plucking it out only brought back two.
We blinked our eyes and opened them again
The gloom seemed to creep up more, now and then.

Gloom that came from the hairs that were gray
The gloomy thought, that death could come, and steal away.
Walking a more careful, and soon came the cane.
Then aches and pains, and then fuzzy brain.

One moment we’re so happy singing a song,
But we never remembered that life isn’t long.
A few years down and one sunny day,
As the changing of time, brings the gloom of the gray.


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