by Dee Wes



I’ve been a gamer since nineteen ninety seven.
Gaming brought some life and a little bit of heaven.
There I was killing monsters in a dungeon
Whacking away, slashing or sometimes a bludgeon.

Gratification of the mental kind
A little bit crazy but a peace of mind.
Killing some bandits and then some rats
And for a reward a red wizard’s hat.

The hat’s stats improved, my little Toon
She looked real good under the harvest moon.
Chopping some wood, and mining some ore.
Crafting my armor, ready for war.

Shouting out loud to find a group
Now I was marching with a troop.
Rolling on loot and gaining some gold
The item I got, – epic I’m told.

There’s nothing like fantasy to make you believe,
That a make believe worlds a place that you can achieve.
What do you get from spending your hours
Bettering your Toon gaining more powers.

Keeping it real sometimes you sleep
But not before you do – your housing upkeep.
There’s always tomorrow and one dungeon more
The dragon is waiting, are you strong as Thor?

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