Making Movies

by Dee Wes



Quiet on the set, clapper board shuts.
If it doesn’t work, the director yells cut.
Start it again, but slower this time.
The actor speaks, and is in their prime.

Turn up the lights, the night shoot begins.
The cast is now, on needles and pins.
As the stunts are set up, ready for action.
They can not miss, not even a fraction.

The Director calls out ‘that is a wrap!’
Applause from the crew, a hug and a slap.
Shootings all done, film’s in the can.
Now it’s in post, we wait and they plan.

Next is the edit, the music and sound.
Block out the noise, mistakes are found.
From the edit, comes the shiny first reel.
It heads to the screening room, a mega hit feel.

The audience awaits, the faces all gleam.
The end of hard work, appears on the screen.
The laughs and the shivers, the Oo’s and the Aah’s.
The movies success. is heard in Hurrahs!


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