Rock Star Bliss

by Dee Wes


Put on your bracelets one by one
Curl your lashes get them done
Be sure your hair has its height
Be sure your makeup’s on just right

You’re standing there at the bar
Your look, it says that you’re the star
Your eyes will smolder beneath the band
You shimmy and shake and raise your hands

Your twirl will bring you in just the right light
He sees you, he wants you, your soul and sunlight
You look up to the man behind the guitar
You make sure that he sees, just who you are

That smile, it brings him to his knees
An assurance you have you’ll be his main squeeze
All from your eyes, all for his heart
Don’t need an instrument for this kind of art

Like Lillith, projecting the perfect pose
You meet, he hands you an exquisite red rose
Your hand finds his his hands, you embrace and you kiss
The night has turned into your perfect rock bliss.

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