Meaning of Life

by Dee Wes


What is the meaning of life we say?
Traveling a road that takes us away.

We trip and we fall we get up and stand tall.
We laugh and we cry we love and we lie.

When we are young, life seems long
but as we age up its all a new song.

Our days pass before us and years seem so short.
Soon thereafter we look for support.

We sit in our chairs, we watch the kids grown.
The grandkids now touching in words on a phone.

Contemplation of what it all meant, where did time go?
And time went so fast and we still do not know.

Maybe we are meant never to understand,
That life is just living and that is the plan.

Making Movies

by Dee Wes



Quiet on the set, clapper board shuts.
If it doesn’t work, the director yells cut.
Start it again, but slower this time.
The actor speaks, and is in their prime.

Turn up the lights, the night shoot begins.
The cast is now, on needles and pins.
As the stunts are set up, ready for action.
They can not miss, not even a fraction.

The Director calls out ‘that is a wrap!’
Applause from the crew, a hug and a slap.
Shootings all done, film’s in the can.
Now it’s in post, we wait and they plan.

Next is the edit, the music and sound.
Block out the noise, mistakes are found.
From the edit, comes the shiny first reel.
It heads to the screening room, a mega hit feel.

The audience awaits, the faces all gleam.
The end of hard work, appears on the screen.
The laughs and the shivers, the Oo’s and the Aah’s.
The movies success. is heard in Hurrahs!


Rock Star Bliss

by Dee Wes


Put on your bracelets one by one
Curl your lashes get them done
Be sure your hair has its height
Be sure your makeup’s on just right

You’re standing there at the bar
Your look, it says that you’re the star
Your eyes will smolder beneath the band
You shimmy and shake and raise your hands

Your twirl will bring you in just the right light
He sees you, he wants you, your soul and sunlight
You look up to the man behind the guitar
You make sure that he sees, just who you are

That smile, it brings him to his knees
An assurance you have you’ll be his main squeeze
All from your eyes, all for his heart
Don’t need an instrument for this kind of art

Like Lillith, projecting the perfect pose
You meet, he hands you an exquisite red rose
Your hand finds his his hands, you embrace and you kiss
The night has turned into your perfect rock bliss.

Rockin’ the Blues

by Dee Wes


The beat it hits – it tears me apart
The soul of the blues thumping my heart
Feelin’ it in, my blood and my soul
Fills the spirit and makes me whole.

Shimmying down with Fred Mcdowell
Scream it up with Howlin’ Wolf ..yea Howl.
Way down south from where they hail
Speaking of love, the pain tooth and nail.

Sweet sounds of whats cookin’ in the kitchen
Weeping sounds of the travelin’ train hitchin’
Your everday troubles havin’ a voice
The blues they give you only one choice

Rockin’ the blues you’re out of your seat
So hit that beat with your pattering feet
The blues are here to give you a lift
Shaking your head – your mind is a drift.