by Dee Wes


The time of Christmas comes to fast
We shop around, spend all our cash
Where is the perfect tree in the lots
Or is the fake tree connecting the dots

Decorations on shop windows and walls
Bounty of Santa’s in all of the malls
Candycanes glisten on the large Christmas tree
And a nativity with angels on bended knees

Let’s hurry and make our holiday plans
Hang up the lights several strands
Checking the lists for family and friends
Have I got everyone the odds and ends?

Cookies are baked along with the pies
Christmas crackers pops, you get a surprise
A joke and a toy, a hat inside
And don’t forget a winter sleigh ride

The spirit of Christmas felt far and near
Lets not forget Santa’s reindeer
Rudolf with his nose so bright
Santa’s delivery will make it alright

The excitement and laughter filling our ears
Exchanging of gifts, the joyful tears
The hustle and bustle and holiday cheer
Lets get this over until next year

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