Rockin’ the Blues

by Dee Wes


The beat it hits – it tears me apart
The soul of the blues thumping my heart
Feelin’ it in, my blood and my soul
Fills the spirit and makes me whole.

Shimmying down with Fred Mcdowell
Scream it up with Howlin’ Wolf ..yea Howl.
Way down south from where they hail
Speaking of love, the pain tooth and nail.

Sweet sounds of whats cookin’ in the kitchen
Weeping sounds of the travelin’ train hitchin’
Your everday troubles havin’ a voice
The blues they give you only one choice

Rockin’ the blues you’re out of your seat
So hit that beat with your pattering feet
The blues are here to give you a lift
Shaking your head – your mind is a drift.